The Firm

FS Malta is a dynamic boutique firm providing a range of corporate, fiscal and immigration services.

We are in fact an extension of Fiduciana Group, a leading group of companies in Cyprus which provides services to vast network of prestigious clients and enjoys an excellent international coverage.

FS Malta emerged from the understanding of the Fiduciana group about the importance of reaching out to new markets in order to assist companies establish or re-locate themselves therein. Malta’s growing economy and front line leadership in the financial services was hand selected by the partners of the group as being a jurisdiction which its clients could benefit from.

Malta is also a leader in its Citizenship by Investment Program. The success which this program has had during its last year speaks for itself.

The professional and multi-disciplinary team at FS Malta understands that each client has individual needs and requires a tailor-made. corporate, immigration, business and tax structure which is suitable for them. We do not adopt a ‘one size fits all’ principle.  Instead we provide a custom fit structure to our clients by offering them a one-stop shop for individual relocation.

The FS Malta team includes an experienced network of lawyers, accountants, business and tax consultants, and auditors.

FS Malta offers consultancy services on a range of corporate matters, including company incorporation, company relocation, company administration, company secretary,  tax advisory, employee registration and corporate compliance.

Our team also includes an Authorized Registered Mandatory registered with the Inland Revenue Department in Malta, which is the exclusive office through which persons may avail themselves of some of the most attractive personal fiscal programs targeting high net worth individuals.

Furthermore, our team includes a licensed authorised Agent with Identity Malta, which one of the exclusive offices through which persons may avail themselves of services for the Malta Individual Investment Program, through which individuals may obtain Maltese citizenship.

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