Private Limited Liability Company in Malta

Minimum Share Capital : Euro 1,250

Minimum paid up share capital : 20%

Minimum number of directors : 1. A director may be a corporate entity or an individual. The director may be both resident or non-resident in Malta. Where the director is non-resident, it is advised that detailed  discussions are entered into with our clients when structuring the company and the board of directors, in order for them not to compromise any tax advantages available to them.

Shareholders: Generally 2 shareholders are required. Subject to certain conditions, a single member company may be allowed. Corporate shareholders are allowed. It is also permissible to appoint fiduciary shareholders.

Company Secretary: Compulsory. A company secretary does not need to be Maltese. It is however strongly recommended that a local company secretary is appointed. This is owing to the fact that the a company secretary has certain responsibilities and duties which are imposed on such person in terms of the Companies Act. A company secretary must therefore be familiar with Maltese Company Law. Having a local company secretary also allows for flexibility with registering documents with the Registry of Companies. A company secretary must be an individual and corporate entities are not allowed.

Local registered office: Required. This does not necessarily have to be the company’s fixed place of business.

Time taken to open  a company: Provided that all documentation is in place, incorporate of a company in Malta generally takes between 24-36 hours

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