High Net Worth Individuals (EU/EEA/Swiss)

The High Net Worth Individuals Program aims at providing tax benefits and incentives to EU/EEA/Swiss high net worth individuals wishing to reside in Malta.

Who may apply?

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals

  • The beneficiary must own or purchase immovable property in Malta for not less than Eur 400,000 or Rent immovable property in Malta for not less that Eur 20,000 per annum The property must solely be used by the beneficiary and his/her dependents , as their prime residence 
  • The applicant must not benefit under the Residents Scheme Regulations or the Highly Qualified Persons Rules; -
  • The applicant must prove to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue that:
  1. a) s/he is neither a Maltese national nor a third-country national;
  2. b) s/he is in receipt of stable and regular resources which are sufficient to maintain himself and his dependents without recourse to the social assistance system in Malta;
  3. c) s/he is in possession of a valid travel document;
  4. d) s/he is in possession of sickness insurance in respect of all risks across the whole of the European Union normally covered for Maltese nationals for himself/herself and his/her dependents;
  5. e) s/he is not domiciled in Malta and that s/he does not, within five years from the date of application, intend to establish his domicile in Malta; and
  6. f) s/he is a fit and proper person.


Taxation and Residence

All income derived from foreign sources and received in Malta is charged to tax at a flat rate of 15% The minimum amount of tax payable per annum is that of Euro 20,000 and a further Euro 2,500 per each dependent. All foreign sourced income which is not received in Malta is not subject to tax in Malta All capital gains realised outside of Malta are not subject to tax in Malta All income realised in Malta is subject to tax at 35%.

How to apply?

The application procedure has to be carried out by an authorised registered mandatory. FS Malta’s in-house team carried out the office of a licensed ARM. Only ARMs may effect registration of an application under these rules following a fit and proper test of the applicant. Kindly contact us for further information to apply for this program.

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