Bank Accounts

There is no legal requirement for a company incorporated in Malta to open a Maltese Bank account. Opening a bank account in Malta is however highly recommended.

FS Malta has good relationships with all major banks in Malta and may assist our clients with opening a bank account in Malta or in various other jurisdictions, whether a personal or a corporate account, and in the desired currency.

In order to open a bank account In Malta there is no need for one to visit Malta personally. Our team will guide its clients through all the due diligence process and assist with the collection of the said documentation. Furthermore, we will provide our clients via courier with all the necessary documentation and applications required for signing. We will also handle the introductions of  the client to the bank of their choice.

The banking system in Malta enjoys a prudent and sound reputation. Banks in Malta generally provide a safe and efficient online banking services which allows the client to view and/or administer funds from anywhere in the world.

Requirements for opening a bank account in Malta may vary from bank to bank. Generally however, in order to open a bank account in Malta non-resident individuals will require:

  • A certified copy of their passport
  • An original banker’s certificate
  • A utility bill evidencing their residence
  • A professional reference

Companies will require:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Passport copy, Utility Bill, banker’s certificate and professional reference of every individual director, company secretary and ultimate beneficial owner.
  • Corporate structure
  • Business Plan

The duration for opening a bank account varies greatly and is very much dependent on having all the necessary documents in place. Banks in Malta may also request a banker’s reference from the client’s bankers themselves. At times communication between the banks may be slow and may cause delays in the process. Once all documents are in place and references obtained, the time to open a bank account should not take long.

FS Malta also assists its clients with

  • Bank account  administration (including payments, transfers, deposits and bank account reconciliations)
  • Mail forwarding of all bank correspondence to any address of your choice
  • Opening of bank accounts in Malta/other jurisdictions

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