About Malta

The beautiful sunny Islands of Malta are a constant attraction to many foreigners. The Islands see many people visiting its beautiful surroundings.  Lack of political unrest, safety, good climate, extensive history and geographical location are just a few of the factors which secure the Islands’ annual high rate of tourism.

The Maltese Archipelago is located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. It is in fact seen as a stepping stone between Europe and Africa.  Many leading airlines have direct flights to Malta, which is easily accessible through the majority of travel routes from all over the globe

Malta forms part of the European Union and the Schengen acqui, as well as being a party to many International treaties. The national language in Malta is Maltese, a language of semantic origin. The people in Malta have a strong multi-lingual knowledge.  One of the main languages spoken is the English language. The Italian language, coupled with Spanish and German are also widely spoken. This multi-lingual character is ideal for enabling one to set up their business in Malta, eliminating many language barriers and ensuring the flow of reliable understanding and communication.

There is no doubt that Malta is a country rich in its history. It is the home of some of the oldest temples in the world. The vast scenery in Malta ranges from majestic fortifications situated around the Island, to vast beaches and untouched green areas. The beautiful surroundings of Malta have, recently more than ever, been portrayed in some of the biggest recent blockbusters released by the filming industry. Besides the beautiful surroundings, the fiscal benefits for the filming industry evidences no doubt as to why Malta was the chosen location.

The capital city of Malta is Valletta. This is the city which houses some of the countries’ most beautiful palaces and forts, today mainly used as state buildings. Valletta has been declared as the European Capital of culture for the year 2018 by the council of the Minister of the European Union following a unanimous decision.

One major attraction of  Malta is that it is one of the leading and fastest growing financial services’ jurisdiction. It is the preferred jurisdiction of numerous companies which are incorporated here every year. Malta has an impressive record of attracting foreign investors. Other sectors of growth are also the gaming industry, aviation and pharmaceutical, as well as the film industry.  The financial services sector in Malta has continued to grow, irrespective of the financial crisis which affected many other foreign countries. The continuous growth of the financial sector over the years has been due to a number of accumulating factors, including but not limited to flexible and straightforward EU compliant regulation, a  detailed and effective legislative framework, an advantageous tax system, a relatively low cost environment, as well as an extremely competent and professional work force . Malta does has very little natural resources, and one of its main assets is its highly trained, multi-lingual workforce.

The financial services sector is regulated by a single regulator, namely the Malta Financial Services Authority. This authority provides an impeccable service and is well renowned for its professionalism and ease of accessibility to the public.

Being EU legislation compliant, Malta offers some of the most attractive fiscal regimes to both corporate entities and individuals wishing to establish themselves or relocate themselves to Malta. Furthermore, Malta has signed over 50 double taxation treaties with countries from all over the globe as well as some of the most attractive fiscal and citizenship by investment programs.

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